Ingredients :

four medium sized corn kernels, I peeled them, casting off the leaves and umbrellas.

one cup of milk.

Butter, I best used one gentle stick.

For seasoning, I used salt and pepper.

Derictionts :

Stage one: Add the predetermined amount of water to a gigantic pot, situated it on medium intensity, and pass it on to a stew.

Stage two: meanwhile, you need to strip the ears of corn and gap it down the middle.

Stage three: In an immense pot, incorporate one cup of milk, one stick of unsalted spread, and one teaspoon of fit salt.

Stage four: Reduce the glow to low and softly embed the corn. Heat up the mix for eight minutes.

Stage five: Remove the corn from the margarine tubtub with utensils and serve right away.

Stage six: Leftovers might be saved withinside the ice chest for as much as four days in an airtight compartment.


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