Ingredients :


— 2.5 lb (ca. 1,134 g) chicken wings

— 1 tsp chicken bouillon

— 1 tsp season salt

*use to taste like salt

— Thyme

— Sage

— 1 tsp Maggie seasoning (optional)

— 1 tsp salt free Cajun seasoning

— 1/2 tsp ginger powder, black pepper, rosemary

— Potato or cornstarch

— Flour

— Buttermilk


— 1/2 stick butter

— 1–2 tbsp flour

— 1 can of evaporated milk

— 1 1/2 cup heavy cream

— 1/2 cup chicken broth

— Garlic powder

— Black pepper

— Cajun seasoning

— 8 oz (ca. 302 g) Colby jack cheese

— 8 oz (ca. 302 g) Cheddar cheese + more for the top of the mac

— Paprika


— 4 medium yams
— 4 tbsp salted butter
— 1 tsp cinnamon
— 1/2 tsp nutmeg
— 1/2 tsp ginger

— 1 tsp vanilla extract
— 1/2 cup brown sugar (use 3/4 – 1 cup for sweeter yams)


— Drained canned green beans
— Chicken bouillon
— Cajun seasoning
— Onion
— Garlic

Instructions :


Start cleaning my chicken. I’m using chicken wings. Furthermore, I’m rinsing with some water, a bit of vinegar, and I’m just scrubbing them with some lime. You can use any cut of chicken that you like. I rinse it off just to make sure there are no feathers or any dirt or anything like that.

One thing is for sure is that we are seasoning this chicken down to the bone. Salt, pepper, and garlic powder chicken. I’ve already gone in with some Maggie seasoning, I’m putting on some ginger powder and as well as some black pepper and some Rosemary. You got to go in with the herbs on the chicken. I also love to use some Sage and thyme on the chicken. This salt free Cajun seasoning, and some garlic that I’ve busted. Now the garlic, the Sage, the time. We are just busting that and crushing it so that we can get the flavor

It’s going to infuse into the buttermilk, and it is going to give a nice taste, but we’re not going to Fry that because they’re fresh ingredients, and they’re really just going to burn in the oil. You don’t need to douse your chicken and buttermilk. Cover it enough, and that is enough to get your chicken tender.

Just seasoning down to the bone. Of course, when you want that chicken right, you got to marinate it overnight. So cover it and let it sit in the fridge.


I’m using four medium-sized sweet potatoes for my candy yams. Two large sweet potatoes would be perfect. Peel them, top and tail these pieces and cut into a half an inch thickness of rounds. In a hot pan, I’m adding three tablespoons of salted, butter and a half a cup of Brown sugar. I really do not like super sweet jams. But if you do use about three, four of a cup of to one cup of Brown sugar instead, let this candy and caramelized for about three minutes, stirring it constantly.

Then going with your spices, using cinnamon here, fresh ginger for that delicious fresh flavor. I’m grating in some fresh nutmeg. I’m going to stir this up into that buttery sugar mixture. And then I’m adding a cupful of vanilla extract. It’s going to add a different layer of flavor. The Ingo, your sweet potatoes. Produce a lot of water on their own. So all you need to do is turn your heat down to low on an electric stove. Put on your top and let it just simmer for about 45 minutes.


I’m putting in half a tablespoon, half a stick of butter with two tablespoons of flour. We’re going to toast this flour to give it a nice flavor. And then I’m going in with a full can of evaporated milk. I think this adds an impressive flavor over just using whole milk. And then one and a half cups of heavy cream. That content will change your Mac and cheese.

Use 8oz (ca. 302 g) of your favorite cheese. I’m using some Cajun seasoning just to taste, as well as some hot sauce. I’ll be adding a little garlic powder and black pepper later on. But you just have to do this to taste like it’s. So I went in with half a cup of water. But chicken broth would be the perfect thing to use here. And I’m adding 8oz (ca. 302 g) of sharp cheddar cheese to enhance that cheesy flavor.

I’m going to go in with my noodles. So you could let this just be stovetop Mac. I’m going to go in with my sharp cheddar cheese on the top. I have preheated my oven to 350 degrees, and I’m going to bake this Mac and cheese for about 25 minutes.


To get an extra crispy fried chicken coating, you need a starch. Today I’m using potato starch, but corn starch would work. Of course, you’re going to need flour. And I’m just putting in about half a cup of that starch. Season your flour with the salt free casino seasoning, a bit of seasoning salt. Just do that to your own taste. Some garlic powder, a bit of white pepper. I’m also going to use thyme for a herbal note. And then I’m going to add my lid onto my flour bin. And I’m just going to mix it. I’ve let my chicken sit out for 30 minutes to come to room temperature.

I’m going to toss it into my container, shake it vigorously to coat it with flour. And I’m going to set it aside on the plate to rest. I allow my chicken to sit for about ten to 15 minutes so that the coating will become moist.

After it sits, dip it back into your buttermilk, and then toss it back into the flour again. And of course, just let it sit, fill up whatever you’re going to Fry in with canola oil or vegetable oil and allow it to come up to about 350 degrees. Then I’m putting all the little chicken wings in the pool. To Fry the chicken wings, I only Fry them for about 11 minutes. If you’re doing chicken legs, it’s going to take about 13 to 15 minutes. And then I’m setting mine aside on a rack.


Using a bit of butter, a bit of garlic, a bit of onion. That Cajun seasoning, better than bouillon. And I’m going to just Cook and warm up the green beans and all the seasonings and all the flavor.


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