Cute puppy cupcakes

What’s the Project? These little canine cupcakes are everything except hard to make and ideal for an adolescent’s birthday festivity! Improve each delightful little pup canine cupcake with candy, beguiling eyes, and tomfoolery icing and you have an optimal treat to make the birthday kid smile!My spot went up against, delicate cheeked kid turned 6 seven days prior, ignoring me requesting he quit growing up. Time is moving beyond me and there doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be anything I can do to ease it off. On occasion, it’s hard to make time to see the value in the little minutes with him since his more prepared kin have me so clamoring running them to chips away at, overseeing their homework, and getting their stinky socks. I would rather not miss the little, sweet depictions of his childhood!I would rather not miss the little, sweet depictions of my most energetic’s youthfulness, yet with his birthday coming up I comprehended he had missed a phenomenal preview of immaturity! I’ll walk you through how to make all of these little canine cupcakes and a short time later you can have a go at anything you want!To Make this Recipe You’Il Need the accompanying fixings:

Ingredients :


The frosting I used white, chocolate, and peanut butter butter

cream-recipe below

Wilton Edible Eyes

Wilton Frosting Bags

Wilton Frosting Tips I used a variety of different ones, but here are some to try

Chocolate cookies like Oreos

Pink candy to make tongues I used Frootie Tootsie Rolls

Nutter Butters Minis

Oreo Minis

Chocolate Tootsie Rolls

Black Jelly Beans


Derictionts :

1–Start decorating! Really, there’s not a lot of rhyme or reason to this-just do what you think would look cute!

2–Play around with it a little bit.


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