Grandma’s Chocolate Pie

There are pies after which there may be my

grandma’s chocolate pie.

It’s a luscious chocolate custard resting on a flaky, nearly salty crust, crowned with a springy meringue. For me, it’s l.  a. pièce de résistance and whether or not instances are properly or instances are bad, it’s constantly welcome and appropriate.

I can’t keep in mind a duration in my lifestyles whilst it wasn’t my favourite dessert. My own circle of relatives has constantly been pie eaters, however we fall into numerous camps: there are the peach enthusiasts, the pecan fanatics after which there are the ones folks who decide upon the chocolate. My mother loves the chocolate satisfactory so that’s likely why it’s my (and my brother’s) favourite as well. But that doesn’t give an explanation for why Mom doesn’t make it. Nope, handiest one character could make my grandma’s chocolate pie and that’s my grandma.

When I went to go to her in August, I advised her I desired a chocolate pie. That became no surprise—I constantly insist that she bake me a chocolate pie once I go to. But this time I became decided to record her making it so I ought to try to recreate it lower back right here in NY.

She had all of the components unfold out at the counter after which I noticed it: her recipe card. I hadn’t observed earlier than that she makes use of a recipe—I constantly assumed she baked chocolate pie from memory. The antique card became yellowing and splattered with spots. And it known as for Oleo as one of the components. What a treasure! Before we began out baking, I determined to take a image of the cardboard and because the mild became waning withinside the kitchen, I took the cardboard out to the the front porch to shoot it earlier than she began out cooking.

I ended up spending extra time than I supposed to photographing the cardboard. And as I noticed the solar setting, I found out I have to likely move lower back interior to observe her make the pie. Unfortunately, as I walked into the kitchen Grandma became sliding the chocolate pie into the oven. Curses! My unique assumption became correct: she did now no longer want a recipe card to make chocolate pie. And I had spent a lot time taking pictures the dang card, I had overlooked my possibility take a look at her crafting a chocolate pie.

Ingredient :

– ½ c. cocoa

– ¼ cup cornstarch

– 3 egg yolks

– 1 ½ c. sugar

– ¼ tsp. salt

– 2 c. milk

– 1 tsp. vanilla

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Deriction :

This recipe does now no longer have meringue on it. You ought to make the meringue in case you want.

Mix cocoa, cornstarch, overwhelmed egg yolks; sugar and salt and vanilla, then upload milk gradually, even as stirring in a pot over med-excessive heat. Cook till thick, beating it smooth. Pour right into a pre-baked pie shell. Put withinside the refrigerator to chill

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