Ingredients :

°250g water

°80g butter

°1 C. salt

°125g flour

°three or four eggs depend at the absorption of the flour

Derictionts :

Boilling water and margarine in pan. Add the flour and salt, mixing vivaciously till you get a wad of mixture. Return the skillet to low warmth to dry the glue. Mix consistently till a slim film begins offevolved to shape on the edges of the container (this requires around a moment), dispose of the mixture from the glow.Start consolidating eggs one through method of mean one, working mixture till egg is totally retain. For shutting egg, whisking it in a bowl and routinely transfer more prominent till batter appears as duck’s bill while lifted with spoon.Place the mixture in a cake pack, pipe it on a baking sheet covered with baking paper and brush it with egg yolk (sprinkle with granulated sugar in the event that you want chouquettes).Heat for half-hour in a broiler preheated to 180°C, trying not to open it sooner or later of cooking to save you the puffs from falling.Serve the puffs loaded up with baked good cream, sprinkled with icing sugar or coated with chocolate


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