Elastic spatula

Oil (I utilized garlic injected pan sear oil)White rice

Frozen peas and carrots

Bean sprouts (canned)

Green onion (slashed)N

ew garlic (minced)

New ginger (minced)

Salt and Course dark pepper

Dim soy sauce

Shrimp (medium or large..I utilized enormous)

Chicken Breast

Steak (I involved steak for tacos)

AdCut chicken bosom into 3D squares season to taste..set aside

Bubble rice as indicated by box directions, when gotten done, spread rice on treat sheet..sit in cooler around 20 minutes or you can set up your rice a day ahead, refrigerate it until prepared to utilize.(This holds the surface together, you dont need to utilize delicate or soft rice)In your wok add 1 Tbs of margarine, liquefy then add minced garlic, ginger and shrimp cook around brief slide to the side of the wok add peas and carrots cook about an additional 2 minutes add green onion and fledglings cook about one more little while… hurry to the side of the wok…add your rice and cook around 2 minutes and add your soy sauce..gradually mix to consolidate all fixings with elastic spatula add your chicken and steak keep on blending one more little while and you’re prepared to eat.


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