Peach Cobbler Cheesecake Cones

Ingredients :

°1 pound peaches

°2 cups heavy whipping cream

°1/4 cup sugar

°14 ounces sweetened condensed milk

° 2 teaspoons vanilla

° 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

° 3 crumbled graham crackers

° Cones of your choice

Derictionts :

Strip the peaches, cut them into cuts, and cut them into little pieces.

In a more modest bowl, add the slashed peaches, sugar, and ground cinnamon. Stew on oven over low intensity for 8-10 minutes, until peaches are delicate. When cooked, put it in the fridge to cool.

In a medium measured bowl, add the consolidated milk and vanilla concentrate. Mix the two together until joined. Sit aside.

In an enormous bowl, add the whipped cream. Utilizing a hand blender, blend the cream on medium-fast until it transforms into a thick whipped cream.

When the whipped cream is made, move the whipped cream to a bowl with the milk/vanilla blend. Gradually overlay in the whipped cream until joined.

In a rectangular baking dish, add a layer of vanilla whipped cream. Next add 1/3 disintegrated graham saltines and peaches. Rehash the interaction two additional times.

  • When the frozen yogurt is layered, put it in the cooler for 4-5 hours until it solidifies. Subsequent to setting, serve it up


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