Salad with minced meat, rice and noodles, very tasty


1 kilo beef mince.

1 large finely chopped onion .

2-3 finely chopped garlic cloves

3-4 grated medium potatoes with the juice squeezed out.

1 pack of finely chopped parsley .

1 tbls cinnamon .

2 tsp cumin .

2 tsp garlic granules .

Salt & Pepper to taste.

3 beaten eggs .

Olive Oil.

Sunflower Oil .

Derictionts :

In a huge blending bowl, add the mince, onion, ground potatoes, parsley, preparing, flavors, beaten eggs and combine everything as one with your hands completely.Straighten it down, and afterward punch holes with your finger scattered at spans, the whole way through to the lower part of the bowl.Top these openings off with olive oil.Then stick film and jump into the cooler until you are prepared to broil/heat.At the point when prepared, remix the fixings generally together once more, and begin molding into köfte shapes and put on a plate prepared to cook.In a profound skillet, add around two fingers worth of sunflower oil, and broil just beneath medium hotness, for 8 minutes each side, until cooked through and earthy colored turning at spans.On the off chance that baking, place the köfte onto a material paper on a baking plate and heat for around similar time on 180 turning them over at stretches.


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