Seafood Loaded Potato Pan

Whenever I was around 9, there was this nearby fish café my family and I would visit. Relax. You know I’m not an ordinary blogger so this lil story will be brief. At any rate, the eatery was called Louisiana Gold. There has never been an all the more fittingly named foundation. This spot was without a doubt brilliant! The consistently had the freshest, Louisiana fish. They made home style burgers, po young men, and impeccably prepared bubbled fish. In any case, they were generally broadly known for their fish stuffed potatoes. Furthermore, kid were they OVER stuffed! Every potato was streaming with shrimp, crayfish, and that fiery cheddar sauce. Man! Louisiana Gold tragically shut quite a while back. I miss that spot. I miss it such a lot of I chose to reproduce my adaptation of that show-stopper. Here is my Seafood Stuffed Potatoes recipe.You must have a few major, solid baking potatoes. They aren’t sold in 5 or 10 lb sacks. Most supermarkets have them retired independently and sell them by the pound. In the event that not, simply ensure you get the greatest, reddish brown potatoes accessible.You have two choices. You can prepare these folks in the stove for almost 60 minutes. Or on the other hand, you can do what I do. Toss them in the microwave! Microwaves differ, so search for the potato setting on yours.Clean the potatoes well. These things fill in the soil, so they can be really grimy. Whether cooking in the regular broiler or the microwave, you’ll in any case have to punch little holes into the potatoes for venting. This will forestall a blast. It will help the potatoes steam better and cook all the more equitably.

Ingredients :

2 to 3lbs of Skinless Chicken Breast

2 bags of Raw Extra Large

Shrimp(peeled and deveined)Found at 


5 lb bag of red skin potatoes

2 bags of Broccoli Florets(Steamable Bags)

8 oz bags Cheddar Cheese  Monterey

Jack Cheese

3 sticks of butter

Old Bay seasoning

Parsley Flakes

Minced Garlic

Derictionts :

Cook your chicken bosom in a little oil until brilliant brown. Season with prepared salt, dark pepper and garlic powder. Cut into solid shapes after it’s finished cooking.
Let sit for a couple of moments before I cut it up. Cut your potatoes into 3D shapes and bubble in water until they are still firm yet delicate enough for a fork to go through.
After your shrimp is unthawed. Flush well and season with old sound and parsley. Liquefy a stick of spread in a skillet and about a tablespoon of minced garlic to container then, at that point, add shrimp. Cook until shrimp are finished.
Typically requires two or three minutes for every side. Sprinkle a tad bit of parsley pieces while the shrimp is cooking. You might need to add more margarine to the skillet, yet that will be your decision.
I like mine overall quite rich. More minced garlic can be added to the shrimp while cooking as well assuming that you like… While the Shrimp is cooking I spread the potatoes in a broiling skillet two or three sticks of margarine cut up. Sprinkle potatoes with a portion of the okd cove preparing as well.
Whenever everything is cooked, I blend the chicken, shrimp, potatoes, broccoli all together in the skillet. Top with the cheeses. Sprinkle with parsley and heat in a preheated stove on 350 for around 10-15 minutes until the cheddar is overall quite dissolved.


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