Ingredients :

One large spoon.Of virgin olive oil.

2 Lbs.Of beef stew meat.

To season, I used sea salt and cracked pepper.

Hald a Cup.Of chopped onion.

3 medium carrots, you need to peel and slice them.

2 celery stalks, I sliced them.

2 small spoons.Of minced garlic.

Canned diced tomatoes, I used the largest can of 28-ounces, undrained.

1½ small spoons.Of Italian seasoning.

One bay leaf.

Beef broth, I used approximately seven cups.

2 large Russet potatoes, I peeled and cut them into ½-inch pieces.

½ Cup.Of frozen corn.

½ Cup.Of frozen peas.

¾ Cup.Of frozen cut green beans.

2 large spoons.Of chopped parsley.

Derictionts :

Stage 1:

Before I began the readiness of this recipe, I prepared the stew meat with salt and pepper, and afterward I permitted it to sit for roughly 20 minutes.

Stage 2:

Also, I picked an enormous skillet, and I warmed in the olive oil over medium-high intensity until shining.
Stage 3:

After I covered each side with salt and pepper, I organized portion of the meat in the container In a solitary layer, and I cooked it for around three or four minutes for every side until were very much sautéed.

Stage 4:

What’s more, I rehashed a similar cycle with the remainder of the meat, and when I got done, I put the carmelized hamburger on a dish and covered it with aluminum foil to keep it warm.
Stage 5:

At this progression, I put the cleaved onions, carrot cuts, and celery in the container and cooked until the vegetables were delicate, it required something like 5 minutes, until the vegetables were totally delicate.

Stage 6:

Following that, I added two little spoons of minced garlic, and I cooked the vegetables for 30 extra seconds.
Stage 7:

Then I moved the meat and cooked vegetables to an enormous pot, alongside the canned tomatoes, Italian flavoring, straight leaf, and seven to eight cups of hamburger stock, and I warmed everything through, and I carried it to a delicate low stew for around an hour, until the meat was delicate.

Stage 8:

Following that, I added the potato cuts, and I proceeded with the cooking for a further 20 minutes until the potatoes were cooked.
Stage 9:

What’s more, I mix in the corn, peas, green beans and cooked them for 5 minutes on medium intensity. Season the soup as you would prefer with salt and pepper to taste.

Stage 10:

In conclusion, I eliminated the narrows leaf, put it away, and I served the soup warm with a sprinkle of parsley on top of each serving.


Prepare of time since the meatin this soup must be stewed for basically an hour to turn out to be delicate.

In the wake of stewing with the meat for a long time, the carrots, onions, and celery have become very delicate. On the off chance that you like crisper vegetables, you may sauté the vegetables first, eliminate them from the dish and put them to the side to be added later, alongside the potatoes.

I like to serve the veggie hamburger soup with a side of bread; it’s truly tasty!!!


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